As the Humpback Whales head north to their summer feeding grounds we look forward to a great Summer season of NaPali Coast Snorkel Raft Tours.

Hawai’i is known as a tropical , warm and unchanging environment, but we truly have seasons. The ocean is ever- changing and as we are in the central pacific, we are affected by the currents and storm systems of both the North and South Pacific.
Spring has arrived and the turtles will be nesting soon and the dolphin are actively mating and playing around the Zodiac. The Sea Riders’ crew respect and appreciate the NOAA Code of Conduct when wild ocean animals are around us.  We don’t swim with the dolphin or feed them, but treat them with caution and respect.

We will be commencing our “Na Pali Eco-Charter” on May 1st , when the surf has mellowed and we can snorkel next to the cliffs and enter the Sea Caves. I look forward to exciting adventures and dolphin viewing on every snorkel excursion – here’s to a safe and fun season!