Not known for their swimming ability, the Frog Fishes movement is jet propelled. They gulp in sea water and are able to expel the water through gill slits, far back in the body past the pectoral fins, to give enable them to “scoot” through the Sea! Most species perch on the reef or bottom substrate and camouflage is their protection. This class of fish are great hunters by just staying still. They have a lure attached to their head that attracts fish and invertebrates and they can consume a fish, by gulping from a distance. Their mouths open to 12 times normal size and a Frog Fish can eat an animal that is bigger than itself!

When we encounter drift nets and plastic on our Sea Rider Charters, I always hope that there are Frog Fish in the flotsam.  This Sargasso Fish is not one we would see otherwise on the Hawaiian Reef and we have an opportunity to view one of the most unusual critters of the ocean AND save marine life from entanglement!