This photo is of  mother and calf  Short-finned Pilot Whales, taken off of Lana’i. Kaua’i Sea Riders charters were left in the capable hands of Captain Rob and Crew Nick! I was fortunate to have a great opportunity as a Field Biologist on the 90′ vessel “Au’kele” as a Marine Mammal Observer. We covered a large area of ocean in the southern part of the Hawaiian Islands, including the sea mounts west of the Big Island. Basically the survey was conducted to locate as many marine mammals as possible and to quantify and observe behavior and collect data on rare odonticae (toothed whales) including the extremely endangered pseudorca (false killer whales)
The survey was for HDR Consulting and the U.S. Navy. Great group of scientists from all over the country, with various experience and backgrounds. I have been busy with Sea Riders, my kids  and coral reef , monk seal research, so it was the first time in many years that I have been able to do this type of shipboard research. It was awesome to spend time with peers in the field of Marine Biology and pick their brains about the whales, dolphins and seals they have experienced throughout the world.
At the same time sharing Hawai’i and applying stewardship, science and technology. I learned so much- Mahalo to all who made this survey possible!