Kaua’i Sea Riders Crew have had a great 2010 summer!

Na Pali Charters, South Shore Reef Charters and Now…. Turtle Hatchlings!

The “Na Honu Kai” have recently been nesting around the island on a few remote beaches.In the past this was unheard of as Sea Turtles were hunted almost to extinction in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Most females would migrate to the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, sometimes 800 miles or more, each way, to avoid humans, who are their #1 predator.

But since their protection in the 1970’s we are seeing a comeback and change of natural history in that all Sea Turtles of the world will generally go back to the place that they were born in order to build their nests. Could it be that they are more comfortable around people, that we aren’t as threatening?

For the 1st time in over 10 years, nests were successfully monitored and protected by the Pacific Missile Range Facility at Barking Sands: John Burger, also known as  “Navy’s Nature Guy” and Kaua’i’s Aquatic Biologist: Don Heacock, helped with the survival of dozens of the Pacific Green Sea Turtles.  A significant blessing and bridge from the military to the eco-community!

Hatchlings still have to face their natural enemies, such as Crabs and Sea Birds and of course the ” Mano” or sharks. We are trying to lend a hand by marking off nesting sights, fencing off nesting areas inland and scooting the newborn Sea Turtles,who are lost, into the Sea. Check out this video: Movin’Out

Young Sea Turtles, will now endure what is called the “Lost Years”, a time when they live in convergent currents and are extremely vulnerable to pollution:entanglement and ingestion of plastic.

So keep up the Good work everyone! Dispose of your trash properly and Recycle! All of us together can make a difference! So that our Children and Grandchildren get to experience the joy of swimming with the Sea Turtles!

Photo and Video Compliments of the U.S.Navy “PMRF” John Burger