We had a great time as usual on our AM Snorkel Tour. Despite some choppy surface conditions, the Ocean was chrystal blue and we encountered a Hawaiian Octopus at the turtle resting area. The den of the octopus can be easily seen from the surface as an anomally on the reef. With broken shells and rocks topsy-turvy, close-by I noticed the animal changing colors in preparation to flee. Known by scientists to have eyes as complex as a humans’ and considered the most intelligent invertebrate on the planet. After a few photos, the animal was released next to his condo!

At Kaua’i Sea Riders we always seek the rare and unusual in small personalized groups. Nature runs the show and we never know what to expect! Looking forward to a great Summer Na Pali Season and continuing to explore the reefs around the Southshore on our 3 Hour Southshore Adventure.