Yesterday,  we greeted our guests and immediately a female guest vocally proclaimed ” I am terrified of Water!” Loretta, from New Mexico was obviously on a snorkel tour because her family wanted to experience Kaua’i underwater.  With floatation devices and a boogie board, she reluctantly entered the sea, where I was able to coax her into putting her head down and view the spectacular vision of Oasis Reef.

For the next 40 minutes, she held on and was guided through schools of Pennant Butterflyfish and all the anxiety of jumping into the Big Blue went away! Her only comment was “How Beautiful!” and “This is Easy!” So all you need as a prerequisite for a Kauai Sea Rider Adventure is patience and the desire to try something new. As beautiful as Kaua’i is topside- the island doesn’t end at the Beach. The Marinelife is abundant and magical!